Achieve happy goals

Challenge your friends 

Support, motivate, have fun)

goal tracking app, habit tracker, motivational apps, How to be happy, App for happiness
goal tracking app, habit tracker, motivational apps, How to be happy, App for happiness

Be a better you by enjoying your life

Now we're so focused on our work, study, business, productivity, and other "super important things". We're oh-so focused. But for all that, we're losing unique connection to people, to life, to the little happy moments, to something that makes us US. Wantshes is here to help you find that Happy productivity to make your life fuller and your connections real.

Live your best life

Achieve personal goals

Enjoy new experiences

Have fun

  • Want to try new, exciting things but have no time, company or motivation? 

  • Wish to engage in fun activities that friends do?

  • Start with a small wish or want - your fist Wantshes

Make real friends

Share interests and ideas

Meet like-minded people 

Support each other

  • Feels like you don't really have a special connection with people in your life?

  • Want to be better friends with your connections?

  • Let's build real friendships together with Wantshes

Be motivated, Be happy

Complete challenges

Create happy moments

Share inspiration

  • Like to share your goals and wishes for accountability?

  • Want to join challenges and competitions with friends?

  • We're here for you to find inspiration & motivation to be happier with your real life

"Everything big starts with small changes. 
Your great happiness starts with your little happy moments." 
Let's create joy and happy moments together
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We're here for you!

We don't want to build it only how we think it's should be. We want to make it how You think and you feel it should be. 

You will choose the major features, interests, our development plan)

Our Wantshes make you a bit happier. 

Let's achieve it together! 

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