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This Love Bingo Got Banned On Facebook For Its Ad But Is In Fact Work-Safe And Fun

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Facebook banned the ad because it supposedly had 18+ content.

As the young startup trying to place this ad, we were utterly confused.

Our Valentine's BINGO is in fact subtle and leaves a lot to your own imagination.

In fact, we designed it so that everyone can play it.

Play it with your partner or with friends, with your date or by yourself.

Express love every day, not just on Valentine's Day.

This BINGO card has 24 images and 24 things to do. As we said, it doesn't matter if you've just started dating, are in a long-time relationship or single - the Wantshes BINGO game is for all to enjoy.

Scroll down for 5 sample game scenarios: new relationship, couple, single, best friends, and long-distance relationship.

Here's the BINGO card:

Some of you may remember our Holiday BINGO card. This time we have 24 elements that can be combined for a fantastic date.

Select elements and complete any row or column. Do it diagonal. Or do the whole thing.

Here is our interpretation of the elements - you can free your imagination and do it your way:

For example, take the first row: buy flowers, share a home-made - or a restaurant - dinner, open a bottle of wine, and dance to your fave music selection.

That's the classic recipe.

We can personalize it a bit.

If your relationship is just getting started, it's a good idea to make it casual and simple. It's your chance to surprise him or her and show that you've been paying attention to what they like. You can do your research and find a new place to eat or shop downtown. Take them to that place, buy their favorite snack - chocolates or cheese (both for me) and - weather permitting - spend time outdoors taking pictures and talking. Finish the date by watching a movie together. Do you love their sense of humor? Then, a great comedy show can be even better.

After all: We should be with someone who makes us laugh until we cry, not someone who just makes us cry (Crystal Jackson

If you are a long-time couple, Valentine's Day is just another occasion to celebrate you being there for each other. Especially if you both have busy schedules, it's great to make time for special rituals. And sometimes, it's the little personal signs of caring that we need. So don't panic if you haven't booked a hotel or spa for two. Make it a sweet stay-cation: mix your own drinks and invite couple friends for board games at your home. When everybody's left, sit down together to map all the favorite places you've been to and plan future trips. Then, give each other a massage. The Manual and the Oprah Mag have the best tips for how to do it.

Single on Valentine's day? You can take yourself on a perfect date - love yourself like you're not waiting for someone else to do it. Practising self-care is a great way to cope with feelings of loneliness, according to psychology experts. You can sign up for a painting class or pick a scenic spot for a photo walk. Then, return to your home and make sure it looks and feels cozy: clean and organize your space and make the lights softer with candles. Later, take a hot bath to relax. Also, don't be sad alone - meeting with a friend can be a much more fun way to spend this day ...

Love yourself like you're not waiting for someone else to do it. @ Internet wisdom 

... because who said that a significant other can't be your best mate? In Finland, people prefer to celebrate "Friend's Day". I think it's a nice tradition! To make this day special, you can invite your friend to join you on a dance night out and unwind after a long week (V-Day is on Friday in 2020). If you're not a fan of night life, you can organize a dance-like-no-one-can-see (and it's true, no one except your BFF) - and movie night at home with your bestie. You can exchange your latest music playlists and sing along. In short, make it the best Galentine you've ever had!

If you're away from your loved one, you can make this day special by sending them a long and thoughtful letter or series of photos. For inspiration, I can highly recommend the dirty letters of James Joyce to his beloved wife Nora Barnacle. Also, you can make a journal or a map of your favorite places that carry a special meaning to you both. Visit one of these places again, film yourself and comment about personal memories and associations the place brings - the best movie for your remote SO to watch.

I hope that you'll make today yet another special, happy day to remember.

Happy BINGO and lots of love!


P.S. Email us from the home page if you want to get your BINGO card in pdf :)


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