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8 Creative Ways Music Can Help You Be A Great Friend

Updated: Feb 3

~ If you’re like me, you listen to music a lot, every day. Music is your mood-booster, a cocoon where you dwell on your thoughts, getting ready to fly.

~ So, it’s such a blessing to find a person who loves music just the same! (Here’s why we often choose friends who love similar music)

~ Your heart sings then. And, you feel amazing when you connect with these people, make music and do stuff together, a truly special bond!

We collected some tips on how your love for music can help you make friends and be a great friend. All tested on real humans.

Get creative with it, add your own tricks to the mix for the best results.

1. Share music playlists (and listen to them together)

Good chance you already have that “Happy Songs” playlist, and we all have days when we need one! My best friend and I often share playlists, recent songs or albums we’ve listened to. I love hunting for new songs and artists; my friend is a more loyal music lover, she listens to whole discographies and tells me about the artists’ bios.

One day when I was sulky and sad, my friend just sent me this magic short vid. We both thought that’s a badass way to cheer yourself up. More on how you can support a friend who feels low in #7.

2. Support your musician friend

(What if you haven’t met one?) How do you spot a musician? They’ll tell you. If not, there are likely to be plenty free jam sessions around you. Use Meetup or similar to find them. And as for the support - well, sometimes, the best is to be there. Listen and offer to help organize next events or make a video of the performers.

My musician friend says that the best way to support artists financially is to buy merch and concert tickets. And to spread the word, of course, so I recommend >> https://jorgieviento.bandcamp.com/

3. Become that musician friend

Taking up an instrument is surely a fantastic change you can bring to your life (This blog post lists the benefits of learning to play an instrument in detail)

You’re never too old to start learning and playing! (People talk about that here on Quora)

Start by developing your rhythm skills. Use a free metronome, you just need your phone with an app (I use this one) and your foot. Get ready to be the tambourine hero at jam sessions!

Next, it's time to start taking lessons and practicing. If your main goal is to make music with others for fun, you can go for an instrument that’s easier to carry along to parties and woods, such as harmonica, jaw harp, bongos, tongue drum, ukulele and yes, guitar (Justin Guitar website is a classic webiste to self teach guitar at home).

So, how do you find people to play with as a beginner musician? There’s a Tinder for that, check out this Quora thread.

4. Sing along

With that guy playing on the street where you live.

5. Karaoke !

All karaoke evenings I’ve been to were super friendly, and the best - but I must say, a very extrovert - way to have fun is to join that tipsy-looking (maybe for a reason so) group of girls/guys to sing together to boost confidence.

Find a Hacker's karaoke guide here, see if you have this “establishment that offers private rooms” where you live.

If not, your place will do too (better invite the neighbors).

6. Inspire your artist friend

Music creates a special mood and fuels creativity. Ask a friend who draws about tracks they listen for inspiration. Then use #1 or #3 to inspire them!

Maybe you don’t want to share this provocative article (title: Study Finds Artists Become Famous through Their Friends, Not the Originality of Their Work) with your artist friends, (and take that with a pinch of salt) but there’s a good point: your friendship matters a great deal to them.

7. Help a friend get better

Make sure your friend does not get isolated escaping to sad music for too long. You or they don’t have to go through this alone, in your rooms with headphones. Let your friend know that you too felt low, if you can’t come over and be near them on a tough day - which is the best you can do - share songs they can cry to. But make sure that’s productive to you both.

We found this psychology blog post helpful to learn how music affects our mood and how you can best help you and your friends feel better and heal.

8. Move It!

Shake. Shake. Shake. Use a choreography vid to challenge your friend to learn a dance.

Then do it together.

That’s it for now! It’s time to get going ;)

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