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Your Generation, Based On Your 2020 Wish List

Your wish list can say a lot about you. Or do you believe that you want something totally different from your peers'? Let's make a quick check.

Here are 4 popular Wantshes on each generation's wish list. Take it with a pinch of salt - and let us know if we guessed your wishes in the comments. ⠀

So... If you want to join drawing or Zumba class - ideally, on board of a majestic cruise ship in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean Sea, you probably love photo albums ... and Tina Turner's "Private Dancer" album, don't you?

Do you want to declutter for simple living, start running every morning and achieve work-life balance (with spa and sauna time)? Chances are you belong to the "Lost Generation". But hey, you actually just go your own way, right?

Digital detox, wellness retreat in Thailand and yoga for me, please! Said a voracious reader ... who reads slightly more non-fiction books than people from other generations. Millennials, the Experiences generation, here's one for you!

Finally, the always-on and the committed to solving world's issues, Gen Z - do you also want to see the world and make a difference? For many, the journey starts on a smartphone - through TikTok, podcasts and friends from all over the world.

Whatever you are, be the chill one. Let's be the love generation.

Keep wishing and crushing goals - with our app.

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Stay happy ~~

Wantshes Team

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