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Fun BINGO To Play With Your Friends

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

~ Boost your happy moments

~ Share your #wantshes Happy BINGO pics and good vibes

~ Tag your friends in your #wantshesBINGO posts to enjoy it together!

Here's your Happy BINGO activities card. We designed it in December but actually it's great to play whenever (maybe replace the ice rink card in other seasons...)

... the activities

So, how to bingo?

Whichever way you play it, it's fun.

Do it yourself or with a friend. Surprise your partner. Challenge a colleague.

Start anytime. Combine several activities (e.g. dress up, go to a pary and share a super tasty meal and a song with your friends - BING BANG, that's a fiver already!)

Complete any row or column. Do it diagonal. Or do the whole thing.


Share your BINGO moments with #wantshes. Let us know how you play it! And enjoy :)

Wantshes Team

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