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Feeling Low? Download Simple Reminders For Things You Can Do At Home To Stay Strong & Inspired

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Who is your favorite superhero? Suddenly, we all have to become superheroes. We want to help you gather strength and spark your inspiration today.

Heal, take care of your body

To achieve our goals, to accomplish everything that we have to do, we must take good care of our bodies. So, take your time to heal and embrace any insecurities you might have to start getting stronger.

It's back to basics now, we guess.

  • Be thankful to your body and what it can do for you

  • Give your eyes good things to watch & rest with eyes-closed music seshes

  • Stay well hydrated every day

  • Whatever you're eating, take your time to savor the food

  • Be kind to your body and appreciate your naked looks

  • Maintain good posture & practice confidence postures

  • Workout, dance and shake it off !

Fill today with meaning

Don't let anxiety overpower you. Instead, we can try to fill life with important, meaningful things. We've got some time to spend wisely ...

  • Reach out and ask people you trust for advice

  • Take the time to study: listen to podcasts, watch live streams, read

  • Learn something new - take a free online course

  • Create a sense of accomplishment - complete some of your to-do's

  • If you want to build new habits, it's a good time to practice them

  • Become a better person - other people need your help & support

  • Be the leader your fam and your community can lean on.

Get ready to greet a happier tomorrow

"It's business as unusual". Carry on with your important rituals, milestones and celebrations. When you can, gather round the table together with your people. Even if you stay at home alone, keep your place - and yourself - clean and beautiful.

  • Reorganize your space

  • Look good

  • Let fresh air in

  • Listen to the music

  • Start journaling

  • Make a plan

  • Start a Gratitude challenge

  • Go offline for a while

This time we all feel vulnerable and dependent on each other. We learn just how much friendly support and positivity mean to us. With kindness and patience, we'll stay strong and future-ready.

Join our happiness challenge :)

Wantshes app team

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