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Intro to Wantshes, new platform for exciting Challenges

Hi, dear Coach/Instructor/Blogger

We’re thrilled to know that you’re interested in Wantshes app.

Wantshes is a social platform where people find motivation and companionship to accomplish personal goals through challenges with friends and other like-minded people.

Our audience are active and curious people who want to start a positive change in their lives - whether that person is going through a transitional phase in their life, or maybe they just need some motivation and encouragement to reach a specific goal.

Key Benefits For You

In Wantshes you:


You connect with more clients who are engaged and active. Our growing audience is here to actively develop new skills & habits, accomplish personal goals, and find companionship.

People on Wantshes want more than passive social feed scrolling - they want to pursue specific goals. And You might be just the person they want to help them realize their goals.


Help more people discover you - create public Challenges that people can join.

Start Private challenges and reward your loyal clients with invites to one-on-one and small group curated activities.

Direct people to your online materials (your blog, YouTube, Instagram etc.) and exercises exactly when they need them.


Promote yourself for your audience with exciting, helpful and fun Challenges.

It’s your opportunity to encourage and engage people:

  • Post links to your video/blog materials

  • Add photos & images

  • Leave words of inspiration

Bring your relationship with your people one step further - it’s a safe place for them and for you to get real and build a genuine connection.


Soon, you'll be able to see their progress with our upcoming Analytics feature. Get a clear picture of who joins your programs, challenges and activities. Understand how your clients complete the activities, and who might need more encouragement on their journey.

What you get

If you decide to join Wantshes now to use it with your clients (and also with your friends) we’ll help you make the most of it.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, we’re offering our app for free for all users.

After the lockdown is lifted, we’ll offer subscriptions on a Freemium model this year.

As our early adopter, you’ll have access to all Pro account features until the end of December 2020 (with a possibility to extend for the most active Coaches & Instructors), including:

  • Unlimited public Challenges that you create every month

  • Unlimited public Challenges that you can join every month

  • Unlimited private Challenges and Habits

  • Analytics on your Challenge participants (upcoming)

  • In-app payments (upcoming)


We’ll also promote and give shout-outs to your activities so that more people can discover them. You can add information about your challenges and we will announce it weekly or monthly.

You can choose to be the first to know about new features and updates, and we’ll guide you through them whenever you want to.

How to get started?

Just contact us on your choice social media, send us an email at or fill out the form on our website main page here. Tell us you’d like to get full access to Pro features for Early Adopter Coaches and Instructors.

Right now, you can get Wantshes for free. Find us on the AppStore here.

Enjoy, and see how it can best work for you and your people.

And use it to have fun with your friends, too :)

If you want to learn more about the app and how it works, here is a blog post that covers all currently available features.

You’re welcome to visit our Inspirational Blog with articles and free time activity ideas for your inspiration.

Let’s connect on social: here’s our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Happy to be in touch and reply to you ASAP.

If you’ve got any comments, questions or suggestions about your Wantshes experience, let us know. Your reviews help us build, build again and build better to make it the best platform for you, your clients and friends.

Thanks again for your interest in Wantshes.

Wishing you all the best to accomplish your goals!

Stay true :)

Wantshes Team

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