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Join Exciting Challenges This Spring

Hi there, it's nice to see you!

Make your day happier.

Join exciting challenges in real-time in our new iOS app Wantshes.


* Exciting daily activities to complete

* Learn new skills with every challenge

* Fun things to do with friends or by yourself

* Meet amazing people who joined the same challenge

* Stay accountable: post photos of your progress

* Stay motivated: leave comments for each other


Try 10 squat variations in 10 days


1. Get Wantshes in App Store *

2. Tap Profile picture after quick registration

3. Enter one of the codes (find below) in Profile

4. You're in 😉 Find details under "Challenges" tab

5. Post photos & comments. Start winning!


To make the challenge space more comfortable for you and avoid overcrowding, each challenge has a maximum of 50 participants.

Hurry up, each code is valid until start date and only up to 50 people per challenge.

If the code is no longer valid, use another code :)

CODE 1: 355

CODE 2: kwK

CODE 3: 5bA

If none fits, that means the challenge is fully booked.

Join one of our next challenges (be quick, we limit the number of participants)

Follow us for announcements

* Dear Android users! Join the Challenges very soon - we're working hard on our Android version atm. To make the wait more fun, get visual wish list and goal tracker on your Wantshes for Android here.

Attention: We moderate all Public Challenge comments to make sure Wantshes is a safe and friendly space for all. Absolutely no bullshit allowed in comments = no hatred/ propaganda speech. Bullies are NOT tolerated.

NEXT CHALLENGES (order may change):

~ Photo Challenge

~ Yoga Challenge

~ Makeup & Skincare Essentials with a Professional Makeup Artist

~ Plant-Based Meal Challenge

~ 7 Themed Outfits Challenge

~ Creative Challenge

... and more!

Watch the announcements in our social media

Start your own private Challenges with friends.

Dip into this guide for more details

Let's BOOST happiness and motivation for real this time, together.

Wishing you to enjoy it.

Stay true

Wantshes Team

Get Wantshes for iOS

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