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Join Exciting Challenges with Wantshes (for Ladies Bay Area ;)

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Hi there, it's nice to see you!

Make your day happier and productive.

We'll post new challenges announcements every week, you can follow us at Instagram or Facebook to be updated.


~ Squat Challenge - 10 days, 10 squat variations practice, 50 repeats.

Start Date May 7 (you can join till May 6)

Code: gdDj

~ Plank Challenge - 2 weeks of core work ;)

Start date May 7 (you can join till May 6)

Code: 7nLp

~ Creativity boost - 10 days of creativity (sketching/drawing, Cooking/baking/+ food presentation, Puzzle, Painting/coloring, DIY/ Decor, Home makeover/repurpose Sewing/embroidery/knitting/crocheting, Scrapbooking/printed collage )

Start date May 7 (you can join till May 6)

Code: V0dJ

~ Plant-Based Meal Challenge with Jenny) - my fav plant-based easy recipes

Start date May 9 (you can join till May8)

Code: LvIW

~ 7 Themed Outfits Challenge - Try 7 new looks in 14 days (stayathome Spring 2020 Fashion Season)

Start date May 11 (you can join till May 10)

Code: lbDX

~ Inspiring place Photo Challenge - while you shelter at home get inspiration and share your fav places to visit.

Start date May 7 (you can join till May6)

Code: KNZk

~ Makeup & Skincare Essentials by a Professional Makeup Artist Marina Shevelina - step-by-step full makeup for 7 days.

Start date May 8 (you can join till May 7)

Code: yRlQ

~ Smile - the hardest challenge )) 10 days, 10 smiles, 10 thanks for yourself ;)

Start date May 10 (you can join till May 9)

Code: aZDj


~ Learning challenge

~ Try something new challenge

~ Yoga

To make the challenge space more comfortable for you and avoid overcrowding, each challenge has a limited amount of participants.

Hurry up, each code is valid until the start date and limited people per challenge.

If the code is no longer valid - it's fully booked, use another code :)


Try 10 squat variations in 10 days


1. Get Wantshes in App Store *

2. Tap Profile picture after quick registration

3. Enter one of the codes in Profile

4. You're in 😉 Find details under "Challenges" tab

5. Post photos & comments. Start winning!

Every week it will be a new challenge bunch. Just watch the announcements on our social media.

Start your own private Challenges with friends.

Dip into this guide for more details

Let's BOOST happiness and motivation for real this time, together.

Wishing you to enjoy it.

Stay true

Wantshes Team

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