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Main App Features

We’re here to help you spark the motivation to achieve your dreams. Complete exciting challenges and fulfill things on your wish list together with your people.

Follow us with this brief guide to Wantshes:

  1. Why Wantshes App?

  2. Making Your First Wantshes

  3. Complete Wantshes

  4. Do Wantshes with Friends

  5. Start Challenges and Competitions

  6. Track Your Habits

  7. Journal Your Growth

1: Why Wantshes app?

If you want to have fun with your friends, and help each other grow, Wantshes is for you.

If you’re looking for a motivational app to track your to-do’s and wish lists, this is the app for you.

Or, maybe you want to start something new … a creative project/ habit/ activity - Wantshes can help you make it happen and journal your growth. We’ve started the app to kick loneliness and procrastination in the butt.

We believe that everyone can achieve SO much more with people who motivate and challenge us to stay accountable.

So, when you want to inspire and support your people, start with small positive changes in your life.

2: Making your first Wantshes


Hit a (+) and choose “New Wantshes”

• Describe what you want to do next;

• Make it Actionable: Choose an action;

• Make it Timely: Set a due date

• Make Priorities clear: Choose your Emoji to color-code.

RED for “HOT stuff, do it first”, BLUE for “Chill, still got time”.

• Choose who can see it: for-your-eyes-only, your friends or all people on the app

1 person icon = just for you; 2 People = your friends; 3 People = public

• Connect related interests if you want to and add details in comments;

• Hit “Save” or “+”

• That’s it! You’ve created a wantshes. Time to make it happen :)

Tip: Stay inspired with a personal cover photo. To change the cover photo, tap on your wantshes, and tap on a camera icon in the top-right corner. Use a camera or your phone’s gallery to choose an image that best represents your wantshes.

Visualization can help you achieve goals - to learn which images work for different types of goals, check out this blog post.

3: Complete Wantshes

So you've completed your wantshes. Well done! Tap on this wantshes and tap a green double-tick DONE icon. Confirm that you did it, and your wantshes will be moved to “Finished” tab.

See your past wantshes under the Finished tab. Golden Winner Cups are your successfully completed ones. Red clocks are the overdue ones - in next app versions, you can give them another go.

Tip: You can add a photo proof and a comment about your achievement when you complete wantshes. It’s a great way to track your progress and be motivated by your past wins.

4: Do Wantshes with friends

Wantshes is more fun with friends.

Invite your friends to share your wish lists and make plans together.

Invite each other to private challenges and competitions.

Comment on your progress and share text/photo updates.

To invite your friends to Wantshes, tap on your profile picture to find a referral link. Share it with your friends anywhere.

Tips for friends: It’s a build each other up app. It’s simple to follow what your friends are up to. Tap the Social tab in the down-right corner to check out your friends’ wantshes. Never miss an update - keep in touch!

5: Start challenges and competitions

If you want to have fun with your friends, or make some task or house chore more exciting for your fam, why not organize a contest?


• Hit a (+) and choose “New Competition”

• Add details - same as with your wantshes

• Tag friends who’re using Wantshes too

• Agree on the rules & prize for the winner

• The one who completes it first with a photo proof is the winner!


Do you want to master a new skill? Know yourself and your friends better? Actually commit to positive change in your life?

Start a challenge with your friends on Wantshes.


Start your own 30 day challenges with friends and other amazing people.

Make your challenge for close friends only or public.

(To start a private challenge or share your wantshes with friends, choose 2 People icon when you set Privacy)


Choose people to invite to your challenges. Create a challenge and get an invite code. Share the code with your friends to enter in their profile. When your friends enter the code, they can see the challenge in their Wantshes list.

Share your updates with other participants - leave comments and post photos of your progress. This really helps you to hold each other accountable and stay motivated together, even on days when you feel sluggish. (That's why we're all for adding #lazydays to your challenges).

Tip: You choose how to make it work for everyone: agree on a daily thread or once-a-week check in.


Let’s get you to your best, happiest, and healthiest self. Build new healthy habits with Wantshes.

Start a new habit, set how often you want to do this, and for how long.

Simply tap the habit card each time you complete the activity you're tracking. Wantshes will show you how much you've done.

Keep going, and make those habits stick!

Tip: Challenges are a great way to kick-start a new habit. Do a 30 day, or better, a 66 day challenge. See results and invite something new and GOOD in your life.

7: Journal your growth

Capture daily moments of happiness and get motivated by your past success.

Wantshes is a new, inspiring way to journal.

We love journaling and made this post here to give you inspiration for using Wantshes as your digital journal.

Here are some ideas for happy journaling experience:

  • At the end of each day, remember your small win or a reason to smile that happened but wasn’t planned. Make a new wantshes about that, set the date for today and complete it.

  • Reflect on your mental health. Get relief as you work through tough times with wantshes such as “take a break from social media” or “be more kind to myself”.

  • See your progress: make a series of wantshes related to your goal or project. Complete them one by one - don’t forget to celebrate milestones.

  • Acknowledge all the hard work, the people who stood by your side and funny moments. When you complete your wantshes, add a short comment about how you achieved that.

  • Share inspiration with friends and become the person others want to follow. Describe how you met your goal with a recipe, review or a short story.

And that is a wrap! We love hearing from you. Let’s stay connected on social media of your choice - here’s our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also drop us an email at or leave comments here in blog. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Join our community, and be inspired by people like you.

Let us know how we can make Wantshes better for you - we’re committed to building the best happiness app for you.

Together, we can fulfill all our wantshes, and win all challenges.

Have a fantastic day!


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