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  • Wantshes- The Happy Goal Tracker
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Alena, Back-End Developer and Dreamer

Updated: Feb 3

A woman, a Christian, was born, raised and lives in Belarus, traveled a bit around Europe. I’m fascinated by different cultures and languages in our world.

What is your role in Wantshes?

I help with back-end development.

When did you join Wantshes?

We started collaborating earlier this year, in February.

What did you do before you joined Wantshes?

I’ve been enthusiastic about IT since I was a child. I took part in school contests, studied computer science at university and worked as a programmer in Minsk and Barcelona. I worked in projects that make people’s lives better, like the system to help people with special needs and temporary citizens become active community members.

What inspired you to start with it?

At first I liked the opportunity to work remotely part-time. Then, after I’ve met Jenny and the team, they and the project have really inspired me. I tell my friends that if the project was published, I’d have used it already! It’s so great to be working on a project that I want to use myself! I’m also inspired by Jenny and Kiryl, the founders of the project.

What are your daily tasks?

I program, study new technologies masterminded by Kiryl– and program again, applying these technologies.

Which of the tasks are your favorite?

I like making updates and changes to the running system and writing user manuals.

What's your favourite feature of the app and why?

Creating wishes, because I love to dream!

What do you want Wantshes to become?

I’d like our system to let people write personal wish lists and give thanks. Imagine: one – and you’ve made a wish, two – and you’ve thanked a person who made it come true.

I also think that Wantshes can be a family app. As a woman, I prefer the surprise gift that I actually wanted. And that’s precisely the wishlist feature in our system. Christmas gifts for kids, a letter to Santa – I think Wantshes will be able to handle that too!

What are your other interests?

I love people. I like to visit and host friends, cooking, nature, swimming in the sea, walking in the woods and mountains, singing – also to sing during the mountain walks – reading, also helping at our church’s library. Sewing and doing crafts of all kinds. I like to write in a diary style, I’ve got some nice feedback on it. I’m also a passionate student of Christinanity.

Can you share one recent personal achievement you're proud of?

Lately I’ve made bread from home-grown fermentation starter for the first time. My elderly neighbor, an old-timer, loved it!

Who or what inspired you recently?

Jesus Christ, His love for people.

Alena believes that Wantshes can help us learn what matters to our friends, their goals and dreams. When you help friends to achieve their goals, it makes the friendship bond stronger. We think it’s very true!

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