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Put Yourself Out There And Enjoy It: 10 Introvert And Extrovert-Friendly Tips

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We all want to enjoy our free time and make new friends.

The key thing is to socialize the way that best suits your personality.

Extrovert or Introvert?

One question you can ask yourself: “How do I recharge my batteries and feel energized?”

Spend time alone, create a space for yourself to deep-dive into your thoughts for new ideas? Introvert detected!

Go out, meet people and see what other people do for motivation? So extrovert of you, mate!

Even if you're 110 % sure about your personality type, do have a look at both sets of tips. See if any of the ideas spark your imagination.

Plus, you can better understand how to make your extrovert or introvert friend happy!

Get Inspiration At Social Events For Introverts

You know that introverts do need real friends. Not all of us are shy, really. It's just too many people around can be overwhelming.

We want to find people who share our interests. The people whose eyes light up when we talk about our vision. The people who are comfortable with saying more with fewer words.

So, how do you meet new people without the extra load of shallow conversations?

Here are our tips:

1. Sign up for a course or a workshop

Ideally, the one that stretches over a few evenings/weekends, so that you can get to know the people. The perks? Obviously, you're more likely to meet people with the same interests. If you meet fellow learners regularly, you have more time to develop a deeper, meaningful bond. And if not, you'll enjoy the course anyway.

2. Join a creative online challenge

We're sure that the first drawing challenge author was a fellow introvert.

Lots of inspiration, new people, new techniques to learn - and can be done from home. Brilliant.

For example, you can follow a creative challenge and join people who love sketching, painting or baking. There truly is a challenge for everyone.

People around the table. drawing with sketchpads, coffee and pencils
Workshops can be a great way to make friends

3. Visit a museum

Explore it on your own, or join a museum tour. Most museum/art gallery experts are very interesting people, who know their stuff inside out.

The tours are often organized to include relevant info with minimum babbling and distractions.

If the topic fascinates you, you can join a discussion after the event, get answers to your questions and share your thoughts with close friends afterwards.

People woman and man talk in a museum
Meet like-minded people at a museum @etienneblg

4. Attend a volunteer event

You will feel great about making a contribution, and there's no pressure to draw attention to yourself. It's satisfying to do the best you can to help.

People whom you meet there all gather for a good cause, so if feels great to be part of that group.

There's a double satisfaction if you combine volunteering with your interest - for example, offer your help at an animal shelter or a local library.

Guys friends volunteer in the nature talking in the field
Volunteer and make friends, all win @asafyrov

5. Practice People Watching

Be honest, do you love people watching as we do? Any social event can be fun when you discover (sketch? note down?) the many interests and quirks people have.

That's some fuel for your natural good imagination and creativity. It's also a real mindfulness practice: when we focus our attention on what's going on, we become better aware of the moment.

So, next time, keep an eye on tiny details of the way people act and talk for inspiration. It will make the whole social experience much better.

Make The Most Of Me-Time Activities For Extroverts

Even hard-core extraverts do not necessarily *like* all people. True, we thrive being around people — and still sometimes we wish for special friends who "get us" better.

Or, one day it's just you who wants to go out.

On such days, choose to focus on you. Instead of going to meet a large party of random people who share very little in common with you, ask yourself: What do I really want to do?

Some ideas:

1. Join a group exercise class

You'll feel motivated by others around you sweating it off.

If you stick to it, you'll spot familiar faces soon. These are the most committed ones, just like you! Approach them after the workout session — who knows, it can be your best mate here.

AND, you'll get physically and mentally stronger, what's not to love?

two people girl guy exercize squat
Stay Fit Together - it's Fun @yellowteapot

2. Gamify it: Play Games

Alright, for games we usually need more than one person. But you'll have to choose your partner. Invite a friend over and play a game.

You'll focus more on the game and learn something new.

It may or may not be a sport. Organize a debate club or a board game night. Know your game partner better and discover your strengths.

Often, you'll find yourself closer to your opponent after a lively battle.

two guys play snooker pool billiards game
Can They Be Friends After The Battle?? We think so

3. Explore new places: go for a solo walk

It can work wonders to brighten your mood. You'll still be around people, if your feet lead you to a park or a garden.

Take a camera with you and literally change your perspective as you find new angles and scenic spots.

Ready for another level challenge? Head to a really wild, remote place. Sketch and document your experience. New stories to share guaranteed.

A girl photographer with a camera and a dog in the nature
Get Out, Just Do It @jamie452

4. Join a webinar/ online course

There's a joke that your Twitter friends are the people you'd love to meet in real life. Meet new people wherever you are - join webinars and take online classes.

It's so satisfying to know there are others who share your interests, somewhere in the world. Make your evening at home more exciting, and find what's going on online.

5. Ask others for me-time ideas

When you have to spend some time at home, or just on your own, reach out to your (introvert) friends.

Ask your friends for advice — even when they can't go out with you, they can share new places for you to explore, or give some ideas for at-home entertainment.

So, here are our 10 tips for introvert and extrovert friends. Try something new, and see what works for you best.


People often ask if you can become an extrovert (or introvert). There's an amazing new book (published in May 2019) that we can recommend. Jess Pan, a shy introvert (the author) challenges herself to live her life as an extrovert for a year to make new friends.

It's called "Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come: An Introvert's Year of Living Dangerously". A funny and relatable read about going out of your comfort zone.

Have you read it? Leave your comments under this blog post or on our social pages

Whatever your way of having fun is, DO it. Be You. And you will meet people like you soon. We've tried it, it works ;)

Wantshes Team


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