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How To Stay Sane And Chill Working From Home

Virus outbreak or not, many of us have to work from home at some point. Now, some may thrive in these conditions. Others, well… not so much. We review some of the trickiest parts about working remotely - and how to hack it.

1. Choose your work-chill spaces

It's so easy to get distracted to eat/drink/watch something and end up working non-stop. Instead, choose a dedicated space where you can best focus on work tasks. Make this space - a desk/ window sill/ bar counter? - your “grind zone”, separate from where you eat and relax. This way, you not only get into work mode more quickly but also enjoy your time off more. Just remember to call it a day at a set time.

2. Dress for success & choose shoes

Naturally, your home feels cozier than an office. The downside of that is the risk of feeling sluggish, staying in bed all day. So, to be productive and energized, you may have to make your own rules. For example, it helps to wear your usual clothes (vs walking around in your PJs) - even have a shoes-on habit.

3. Make your place flexible

If you work and sleep in the same room, make your bed with a bedspread/quilt or even store your bedding rolled away in a closet during the day. Keep your work-related stuff in a separate box, shelf or drawer. Adjust the lights - bright light to stay awake during work hours and dim lights for your time to chill.

4. Set your boundaries at home

When you work from home, others can assume that means you're free and available at all times. If you lived in a college dorm or have kids, you know exactly what it's all about. It can become a heavy load. So, make it very clear that your “home office” means you’re busy, just like when you’re away. Tell your family/ flatmates about your “grind zone” and your work hours.

5. Decide on a "work-free" space to relax together

Also, it's helpful to agree on a social space - e.g. a kitchen - where you meet during breaks and your time off. Make that social space a work-free zone. Together time is so much fun when everyone’s fully present - and not hiding behind a laptop, painfully trying to finish a report while others are in the middle of cooking.

6. Take breaks. Eat. Move

Don't turn into a sad overworked potato. Plan your meals in advance. Use your remote work period as the time to master quick healthy meals, such as salads, pasta and wraps. Also, make your place an improvised gym. BTW, some people (including the author of this post) found that it's much easier to start regular workouts by doing daily exercises at home before you hit the gym.

7. Balance communication as usual & me-time

Remember to keep in touch with colleagues and friends. Do it the way that's comfortable to you and them. Be it a Facebook chat, or a Hangouts/ FaceTime call, make sure that you're not isolating yourself from conversation. Still, let people know when you have your offline hours - spend them with friends or do something just for you. Keep connected - but also keep your boundaries.

We hope that these tips will help you make your work from home time more enjoyable… or at least, optimized.

What works for you best? Let us know in the comments.

Stay calm, stay safe 🤗

Wantshes Team

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