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The Best New Year's Resolution Ideas

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

This year, I got interested in what New Year's resolutions others make.

After some 16 days of systematic Twitter "stalking", I collected 100 ideas for NY resolutions. (See the detailed break-down of my stalki...I mean, research method, at the bottom of the page).

Here are some of them that surprised and inspired me.


The most popular New Year's Resolutions this year

Looking for patterns in the data, I found that the most often mentioned resolutions are about building new skills and forming healthy habits.

Many of your resolutions are really spot on! Here are my favorite resolutions for every part of life that you mentioned.

Careful, some hot pics below.

Work on my physical appearance

topless handsome young man
Photo by: Jassir Jonis
  • To be completely hairless. I want to feel like a dolphin dipped in olive oil

  • Always have a trim and my dreads neat! Tired of looking scruffy

Handsome topless man
By: Henri Meilhac

Take care of my health and well-being

Woman in red in the nature
By: Julia Caesar
I am looking to take better care of my eyes in 2020

Me too! (blinking hard)

Young woman reading a book in the nature
By: Emmanuel Phaeton
  • 2020 is all about my health mental, physical, and emotional. I deserve to be undeniably happy and stress-free. That will be my main focus going into not only the new year, but the start of the new decade.

Yes, we all totally deserve this.

Woman soaking in water smiling
By: Jernej Graj

Build better relationships

  • To delete all dating apps. To not go looking for love, and hope it finds me.

Of course it will. Then, beware

Couple goals: kiss on sunset
By: Henri Meilhac

  • I will be more engaged with the world around me. Rather than ignoring the platypi who frolic nearby when I'm lying on my back in a stream on my phone for some reason, I will produce a diamond ring and make that platypus my wife.

Telling my friends I love them 2020 challenge

What kind of challenge is this? Awesome!

  • My best friend I made a #NewYearsResolution to spend more time together Los Angeles -->Las Vegas and Las Vegas --> Los Angeles. It’s hard to make new friends when you’re in your 30’s

(But not impossible)

Besties lying on the beach
By: Kristopher Roller

Develop healthy habits

Healthy bowl of fruits by the pool
By: Alexandra Anderssen

  • Not let the clock strike 1am unless I’m in bed, ready to sleep. It’s like the clock’s way of saying ‘ok buddy, it’s over. Wrap up time.

  • Cut *way* back on Soda, basically quit

Invest more time in my hobby

Young woman rides a bike to sunset
By: Abigail Keenan
  • Lost my cycling buzz the past few months with work and uni so my NY resolution is to get back training and get in a few races next season and give my beautiful bike the love and boss roads it deserves

  • Get back into theatre, be it working in one or being part of a show


Friends doing crafts
By: Hillary Ungson
Young man making art
By: Nirmal Rajendharkumar

Help make the world a better place

A child outdoors with a mug
By: Annie Spratt
To donate a small amount of money to charity each month

  • A cool guy I volunteer with explained he didn't get everyone coffees a few minutes ago because he'd made a commitment to not use disposable cups and bottles at the beginning of the year. And just like that, I have a #NewYearsResolution for 2020

Applause, what a great challenge.

Two young women aroung table with mugs
By: Andrew Neel

Develop a skill and build expertize

My new years resolution is to have plants and remember things better. i know what you’re thinking and no i am not 87
young people creating a community garden

Many people wonder how to make sure plants don't die. My advice is to go for a cactus! (One of my friends said that sadly even cactuses? cacti? don't last long at her place. Cats thrive though, so I don't know what to think).

Urban grarden: plants
By: Francesco Gallarotti

People also want to learn Chinese, Spanish, Russian and French; piano, guitar, photography, film and choreo; get better at blogging, get a certification... High five to GROWTH!

Generally have a fun time

  • 2020 is the year being a young, hot idiot

For all ages.

Three girls dancing in the setting sun
By: Levi Guzman
  • Experience more live music

My new years resolution is a little trip to Singapore with a skateboard,a nice camera and a kiss. Have a sweet new years everybody.

I packed my suitcase, ready when you are.

Young woman travels to Singapore gardens
By: Kym Ellis

Read more

young woman enjoying a book
By: Toa Heftiba

"Read a book per week."

Go visit new places

Young backpacker exploring in the mountains
By: Holly Mandarich

  • I’m really gonna book tickets to just go somewhere by myself. Me myself and the waves

Girl by the seaside in Vietnam
By: Vu Thu Giang

  • This year I added one that I'm going to keep up for eternity if I can... "Try 52 new places to eat this year". Yelp your town, find some new bakeries, go on a drive for some bbq. It's fun.

To try a new coffee spot every Saturday. Who’s coming to join

Count me in!

Young woman drinks coffee
By: Gian Cescon
Two women drinking coffee cozy
By: Joshua Ness

Productive habits

Wondering if 2020 is going to be the year I remember to find my glasses BEFORE I take out my contacts.20 years of experience says no, but it IS 20/20, so I'm staying hopeful.


The oldies and goldies, the all time favorites:

Money. Work-Life Balance. Create more. Aand ... Daily Workout - I know you've been

waiting for this one!!

(don't wait, just do)

  • Better financial status in 2020, making money and enjoying myself

  • New Years Resolution: don’t put so much bloody pressure on myself and finally find a balance between wanting to be successful and allowing myself time to recharge

Young woman happy relaxing on the bed
By: Leighann Renee

  • Draw something small every day. even if it is just a tiny olivia

  • I will be going to the gym starting tomorrow, no more playing around. Going strong into 2020

Yep, going strong.

Got more ideas? Share them in the comments, I'll be curious to read them all.

Whatever it is, keep at your resolution, you awesome!



How I collected this data:

I collected Tweets published from personal accounts from 4 to 20 December, checking the #NewYearsResolution hashtag once per day over 16 days. I included all tweets in which people shared their goals and hopes for 2020. Tweets that were posted by companies, contained generic affirmations, jokes or generic advice without mentioning practical steps the post author would take (e.g. “be a real bitch” or “no longer force things”) were excluded. Also, I don’t review posts with political or diet-specific references.

#research #wantshes #NewYearsResolution


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