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New App For Your New Year's Resolutions: Meet Wantshes Holiday Special Release

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

This is the most exciting time of the year to release our app's first version on the App Store and Google Play.

In anticipation of the coming holiday season, we are launching the app to help you get started with accomplishing goals and wishes from your bucket lists and New Year's Resolutions.

Fulfill your wishes with Wantshes 0.1

Wantshes 0.1 *Holiday* offers a simpler way to set happy goals. When you use the app, you create personal "wantshes".

Wantshes, as we defined it on Urban Dictionary, is "a wish and/or want; anything you want to achieve, try, experience".

Write a short title for your wantsh and describe how you want to act on your goal - e.g. make something, go somewhere or learn something.

home page view of the app
Home page: your Wantshes
create wantshes screenshot of the app
Create "wantshes"

"Wantshes" are wishes and wants; anything you want to achieve, try, experience.

You can view your wantshes on the home page. Once you achieved your goal (completed your wantsh), tap on it and tap the double-tick icon. Done!

Add details to your wantshes for extra motivation to achieve them. Select a custom cover to visualize your wish from your smartphone's camera or gallery. Color-code wantshes to set priority. Add comments and connect wantshes with specific interests.

Try something new, explore your interests

Wantshes helps you to focus on self-development in as many areas and interests as you wish.

Unlike other apps for making generic bucket lists or daily to-do's, Wantshes motivates you to connect your goals with a bigger picture of your happy life.

Start by making time for the little things that make you happy, and grow your happiness.

To get started, tap on the light bulb icon to explore and select your interests.

Choose what matters to you most. Create and complete wantshes to get better in these areas, try something new and be inspired wherever you are.

my interests tab on the app
My interests on Wantshes
friends, social, wantshes tab screenshot on the app
Inspire each other on Wantshes

Start by making time for the little things that make you happy, and grow your happiness.

What's next?

We are developing Wantshes to make it the best platform to achieve your happy goals.

With updates coming soon, wantshing becomes even more fun thanks to added social and sharing features.

In the next versions of Wantshes:

* achieve goals and complete challenges together with friends,

* share your interests and milestones,

* comment on each other's wantshes,

* track your progress and

* meet inspiring people.

We are working hard on the new version now, so watch our announcements.

Text Our Team, We're Happy To Meet You

Join our community on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Also, you can sign up for our email updates or send us a question via the home page.

We are happy to hear from you. Your comments, reviews and suggestions help us create the best Wantshes experience for you.

You decide, how you want Wantshes to work, and we are here to help.

Let's connect and build each other up.

Stay with us for motivation and news!


Wantshes Team

Get the app for Android

Get the app for iPhone

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