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Wantshes, Your Digital Journal App

There are many benefits of keeping a journal that our app can help you with. Here are 6 ideas that you can try.

1. Capture daily moments of happiness

It isn’t just about making your plans into a reality. There’s beauty and worth in everyday.

Here’s a different way to approach your success tracking: do it the reverse way. Usually, you set wantshes as to-do’s and complete them. Try this next time: at the end of the day, remember something memorable, your small win or a reason to smile that happened but wasn’t planned.

Make a new wantshes about that, set the date for today and complete it.

That’s a new way to journal - with photos taken on your mobile and friends’ comments.

2. Record your progress

When you feel like you’re losing your motivation to keep going forward, it’s great to look back at the progress you’ve made.

Say, you have a series of wantshes related to your learning goal. “To learn the basics of X”, “To make progress in X area”, “To make a habit of learning X”, “To find a mentor or a buddy to help you learn X” … and finally, “To master that X”.

It’s satisfying to see how your skill set grows, wantshes by wantshes.

3. Get motivated by your past success

When you’re low on motivation, it helps to revisit your best moments. You were capable of great achievements then - and you can surely do it now.

Tip: when you complete your wantshes, add a short comment about how you achieved that. Acknowledge all the hard work, the people who stood by your side and funny moments.

When you’re setting a new goal, you’ll remember that you can always have fun along the way to achieving your goals.

4. Inspire your friends

Describe how you met your goal with a recipe, review or a short story.

Become the person others want to follow. That friend who knows about the best new movies, books or music artists. That friend who is the first to learn new guitar tricks, try new foods and gym routines. The crafty friend who makes the most beautiful projects.

5. Reflect on your mental health

We all got battles. Your wantshes can help you reflect on your past struggles - wantshes can provide relief as you work through tough issues. As you recover from something you don’t want in your life any more, affirm that with wantshes such as “take a break from social media” or “be more kind to myself”. Reflect on your journey as you adjust to a new city, or cope with workplace stress.

Tip: Visualization is a powerful tool for that - in our visualization post we give you ideas and tips for effective visualization to overcome barriers and develop a success mindset.

6. Focus on a particular aspect of your life

Examples of themed journals include a nomad’s journal, learning journal, mom’s journal, fitness journal or music lover’s journal. This way you can pay more attention to that aspect and meaningfully connect your other tasks with it. Your completed wantshes will give you valuable insight into how your approach and goals have changed over time.

Tip: Invite friends who have similar interests, problems and aspirations. Share happy, embarrassing, fun and relatable stories on Wantshes. Make it your private club with competitions and challenges only tagged friends can join.

To sum up, journaling is a valuable daily practice that our app makes fun with calendar tracking, visualization and social features.

What thoughts and ideas do you have? Share your experience in the comments :)

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