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Get Ahead In Remote Team Relationships: Take On New Productivity Challenges Together In This Female-Founded iOS App 

NEW Team Challenges for remote teams to connect more closely just announced by Wantshes, a social platform where like-minded people achieve personal goals together with support and motivation. 

The CEO and her remote startup team help people gain deeper connections amidst the pandemic that has exacerbated loneliness among US Millennials. 

  • Wantshes is a platform to accomplish personal goals and participate in invite-only private challenges with others who have similar goals and interests. 

  • In the app, people create Challenges and invite friends, coworkers, and clients to share progress with each other. 

  • During the lockdown, Wantshes has collected 20 best team-bonding Challenge ideas to bring the whole team closer together. 

The idea behind the Challenges has been inspired by Wantshes startup’s own best practice. The Team regularly participates in themed challenges including fitness, creativity, and positive mindset.


This has helped them get to know each other on a personal level and feel part of a team.

CEO Evgeniya Yesipava elaborates: “Wantshes is a shared space to achieve our personal goals together and bring out the best in each team member. With our Challenges, we make sure everyone feels supported for their growth. That’s how we grow strong connections and boost happiness in our Team despite the fact we can’t meet in person.”

“Think of it as your virtual coffee room, cozy lounge or a colorful yard to hang out with your remote colleagues. A space to enjoy spending your time meaningfully, get updates, and have fun.” 

Based on their positive experience and online research, Wantshes suggest best challenge ideas other individuals and teams can bring into action in the app.  

Wantshes is free for all during COVID-19 to enjoy extra accountability with regular challenge check-ins, flexible dates to complete activities and encouraging photo comments. Get the app on the App Store here


For media inquiries, contact the CEO Evgeniya Yesipava at

About Wantshes App

  • Wantshes is a Challenges platform where people find support to achieve personal goals together with like-minded friends, coworkers, coaches and influencers. 

  • Launched in 2020, Wantshes was founded by Evgeniya Yesipava, a female founder based in San Francisco with seven coworkers working remotely in four time zones. 

  • This social platform solves lack of companionship and lack of motivation issues among their largely Millennial audience. 

  • In Wantshes people create and join friendly competitions and small group challenges. 

  • Recently, Wantshes has been developing and testing creative online challenges for virtual teams to pave a way for happier personal productivity. 

  • The Challenge ideas and other helpful tips are published in Wantshes Happy Productivity Blog. 

  • Learn more at