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Wantshes RULES
When you start to use our Wantshes App you AGREE with the following RULES:


You're older than 14 years.

We don't accept any accounts of people younger than 14 or 18 for EU.



When you create your Wantshes objects (including Wantshes, Habits, Competitions, Challenges) You have 3 privacy options: 




When you create Private privacy Wantshes objects, you agree that it is available only for you (for Wantshes and Habits) and + invited participants (for Competitions and Challenges) can see it (all info+pictures).

When you create Friends+Participants privacy Wantshes objects, you agree that anyone of your friends (for Wantshes and Habits) and + other participants and their friends (for Competitions and Challenges) can see it (all info+pictures).

When you create Public privacy Wantshes objects, you agree that all Wantshes app users can see it (all info+pictures).



If you choose Anybody can join checkbox - Anyone who sees this Wantshes object can participate and join to this Competition or Challenge. Wantshes object creator can delete any participant at any time. If you want to make your Competition or Challenge invite-only, do not check "Anybody can join"


You're responsible

You participate in any challenge, competition, wantshes, or habit at your own responsibility and risk. If it's too hard physically or mentally, think twice before joining or creating. Wantshes Inc is not responsible for any incidents that may happen during any activity, challenge, or competition.


NO offense

We are here to be more productive, motivate and inspire each other, and have fun.

You must respect other users' feelings and rights.

You're absolutely not allowed:

to show any type of harassment or discrimination based on:

  • race

  • gender

  • religion

  • disability

  • sexual orientation

  • Age-related

  • Sexual

  • ethnicity 

  • any other

No bullying! It is strictly prohibited also to encourage physical or mental harm among users towards themselves and each other.

We can deactivate any type of account at any time with no money back if 5 or more people report your behavior as harmful or offensive and we consider your behavior can be dangerous or offensive for other users. You can report users or any wantshes object using the contact form at

We love and protect all our users😍

Welcome to Wantshes;)

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